A Christmas Carol, A Character Analysis

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Some people say, as a person yourself you cannot change. This will definitely change the kind of person you are. If you help yourself, you can make things right for you and change things. If you have support from friends and family it can keep you going. If you work hard and won 't give up you can change yourself easier. You can change as a person if they help themselves, have the support they need, and work hard, Helping yourself as a person is a big part of changing. In the classic story, A Christmas Carol, A man by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge is a “squeezing, wrenching,grasping, scraping,clutching,covetous,old sinner!” One day, he was walking home and a ghost like figure was on his doorknob. He freaked out and fell down his stairs. Then…show more content…
In the article “Homegirl Cafe” written by Lucy Nicholson, Stephanie Lane was in a gang since she was 11, she has been killing and fighting people. However, years later, one night she was threatening to fight people, she got shot and was in the hospital, her friend Boyle whom she has been friends with since she was a kid told her “your co-workers are here to visit you.” In the article it said,”She burst into tears.” She burst into tears because she thought no one was going to show up and it would just be her. It was then that she realized she had to change. This shows that if you have support from friends and family It, can make a huge impact on yourself and you won’t give…show more content…
In the article “Homegirl Cafe” written by Lucy Nicholson a girl named Stephanie Lane has been going through hard times with drugs and other bad things about her gang. Stephanie Lane said, “Quitting a life of drug dealing and fighting was not easy.” She worked in a Cafe, which was work to help try to stay away from things like drugs and gangs. It 's the largest gang intervention program and on the most successful in the United States. Stephanie Lane really wanted to change her life, she said,”Either I’m going back to jail or I have to switch my life around.” Ever since the story quotes,”she 's taken boxing to channel her anger, waking up early to run each day, and training with coaches each weekend.” She has worked hard and this had made her change as a person. On the other hand, some people say you cannot change as a person. This point of view makes sense because in the article “Why winning Powerball Won 't make you Happy” It states “Overall Happiness levels of lottery winners spiked when they won, but returned to normal after just a few months.” However, If these people would have used the money correctly, they could of had life-changing events. Therefore, You can change as a
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