A Christmas Carol Analysis

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A Christmas Carol The story A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1843. A Christmas Carol is about a old man named Scrooge who only cares about himself and money. By the end of the story he has been visited by four ghost his dead partner, Jacob Marley, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. They teach him that he needs to make changes in his life, and he becomes a kinder person. In this story Scrooge changes substantially throughout, and proves that everyone can change. Scrooge is not a very pleasant man in Stave 1 and he only changes a little bit. Portly gentlemen ask Scrooge for a donation and he gave them nothing and felt good about it too! Even when the ghost of Marley talked to him, he was stubborn and misanthropic to the ghost. The only time I thought I saw a change was when Scrooge saw spirits trying to help ordinary people. According to the text, “He tried to say “Humbug” but stopped at the first syllable.” That emotion changed him a tiny bit.
More emotion is starting to show in Stave 2. He “trembled” and even had a tear on his cheek when the Ghost of Christmas Past tool him to his childhood. Later, he “rejoiced beyond all bounds,” seeing kids he used to know. He also changes by feeling bad and regretting what he has done. He wanted to go back and treat the boy and his clerk better. That is a big change because he is no longer only thinking of himself. When his sister comes, he gets to go home again and he is emotional remembering this
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