A Christmas Carol Character Analysis

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In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote a short novel entitled A Christmas Carol, depicting the lives of several characters. First, we have the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge. Three main support characters include Fred (Ebenezer’s nephew), Bob Cratchit (Ebenezer’s clerk), and Mr. Fezziwig (Ebenezer’s previous employer). In this paper, we will defend our belief that of the four men, Bob Cratchit is leading the best life while Mr. Fezziwig is the superlative boss. Why do we believe that Cratchit has the best life? We based our decision on the following three criteria: outlook on life, respect for others, and adaptability. Cratchit expresses these three measures more effectively than the other three men. Bob Cratchit is not a materialistically wealthy man. He does not own much and can barely provide the basic needs of his family. His oldest daughter Martha works for the milliner and his oldest son Peter would soon start working. Cratchit’s middle son, Tiny Tim, became afflicted with a health issue that the Ghost of Christmas Present insinuates will be his end eventually. Yet, despite all these factors, Bob Cratchit remains an optimist with a positive outlook on life. Essentially, he has “nothing” and yet still firmly believes he has everything because he has his family. The poverty that he lives in while maintaining his optimism shows his strength of character. We attest that the other three characters would not be as capable of maintaining a positive outlook if their
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