Theme Of Loneliness In A Christmas Carol

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In A Christmas Carol, Charles dickens relates themes of Christmas, loneliness and Family, to the overall Theme of Compassion. The book is set during the time of Christmas to symbolize generosity, selflessness and love. While it looks at the world from the eyes of an old, rich, grumpy man, whom is the exact opposite, and has yet to understand what it means to care for others. Dickens uses this character of Scrooge, to symbolize greed, selfishness and hatred that is found in a person and in a society. While he introduces other characters to represent the good that has surrounds him. Though set during Christmas, the story has a meaning that relates to people year round. Dickens carries this Theme of compassion throughout the entire story, starting with characters around Scrooge and ending with Scrooge himself. When we are introduced to the nephew Fred, we see how even though Scrooge is a old grumpy man with no friends and who scares off anyone who may dare to speak to him, Fred still invites him to the family Christmas party. Fred knows Scrooge will not accept, but perhaps knowing Scrooge is the only blood family he has left, he makes an effort. Scrooge then experiences a series phenomenons until the ultimate temporary return of Jacob Marley, in the form a visually transparent ghost covered and…show more content…
He re-wrote not only his own fate but also Tiny Tims, as he will now survive. In a society Scrooge would symbolize the upper class, the greedy men and women who care only for themselves and for their money. He shows how greed can ruin someone 's life, but also how they can turn around for the better. Dickens shows us that compassion is what drives, someone to enjoy the company of someone else, that how we act reflects on the people and world around you. Sometimes we have to be sure to understand when we ourselves are being greedy and ultimately, not be a
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