A Christmas Carol Compare And Contrast

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A Christmas Carol Compare and Contrast

Mr. Scrooge, Mr. Scrooge such a greedy man. He took and when he gave, it was the smallest amount, so trivial. Why he was such a wicked man it was because he was very, very stingy. Mr. Scrooge was not just stingy, but selfish and hated everything that didn’t deal with him having his money. When he had to pay someone, he hated it he literally hated everything. Mr. Scrooge, the main character in A Christmas Carol a story by Charles Dickens is as I said a miserly man, but he changed. You will see the differences and similarities in the movie and script that should be noticed, but I will also show you how Mr. Scrooge got untangled from his web of greediness.

In the movie Mr. Scrooge’s nephew, Fred walked
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Scrooge and ask him if he would give money to the poor. Mr. Scrooge replies ever so coldly that he wished to be left alone and that he helps the places that take them in and that they costed him enough. That those who are not doing well belong there. Scrooge gets home and after seeing Marley’s face where the doorknob should be Scrooge makes his dinner. Scrooge sees Marley in the pictures and is convinced that he had eaten something bad. When Past come to see him she takes him to a Christmas that passed by when he was a small boy. In the scene a little Scrooge is sitting by himself neglected by his friends. The boy, solitary lives inside his head. After Present comes and shows Scrooge two places he takes him to his nephew’s house where he and someone is talking and having a good time. Future comes and shows Scrooge people that are selling some things to someone for money they are all talking of the wretched man he was. Scrooge is taken back to his house sends a boy to get the big bird that was at the shop. The boy comes back with the man that has the bird with him. Scrooge pays the man sends him off to give the bird to the Cratchits. Afterwards Mr. Scrooge is a changed man. That is the five different similarities that I have chosen as
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