A Christmas Carol: Comparing The Book And The Movie

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Greed, selfishness, thinking everything is a humbug, and being just pure downright mean. Some people think that no man on earth could be so terrible, these people are wrong.One man is so cruel, so dredful so appaling that anyone who heard his name would tremble in fear. This man is Ebenezer Scrooge, but he wasn’t always this way. Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is an all time favorite for all ages everywhere. A Christmas Carol is a very exciting drama. Yet the Christmas Carol is also an amazing show stopping movie. Many enjoy the story and use it as a valuable life lesson. A Christmas Carol is a fantastic drama. It is about a mean old man who thinks that christmas is a humbug. He is so mean that on Christmas Eve he is visited by 3 spirits. The ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas yet to come(Dickens, 11-32). Before each ghost the clock chimes one o’clock .The the the ghost of…show more content…
One difference is that in the play the clock chimes one each time that a new ghost comes. In the movie the clock doesn’t chime at all. A similarity is that Mr. Scrooge’s nephew invites him to dinner and Scrooge declines. The next difference is that when Ebenezer is visited by the third ghost in the movie the spirit shows him a camp where many homeless lived and had very scarce food. In the play he shows him Bob Cratchit's house again and Tiny Tim had died. No matter the differences these two have the full purpose for the story. The play and the movie, A Christmas Carol, as you can tell, are very wonderfully told stories. They both tell of the the superb story to put Christmas Spirit in our hearts and to remind everybody that they can change no matter how wicked they are. Although the movie and the play are told differently they both have the same point. The movie and play teach many valuable lessons. The Christmas Carol, no matter how it is told is
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