A Christmas Carol: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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“A Christmas Carol” is one of the most spectacular Christmas movies and books there are. Although the book and movie have similarities, there are many differences. The book and movie may seem to have different tones, too. In both the book and movie, Scrooge was an older man that was greedy and stuck up. He had changed his ways from being nice and giving when his partner and friend, Jacob Marley, had died. It changed everything about Scrooge. He had no spirit for anything including Christmas. He never paid a nickel for anything or anyone. That changed when Jacob Marley’s ghost came back to him to warn him about his future in death how he would have many chains holding him down if he stayed the way he was. Jacob sent Scrooge 3 spirits that night. He sent the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas future. Each spirit taught Scrooge a lesson. After they were done with Scrooge, his ways changed. He was no longer greedy and stuck up.…show more content…
In the movie, Scrooge seems more terrified of the spirits than he is in the book. In the book, when Jacob Marley leaves out his window, Scrooge sees a ghostly place where Jacob roams in torment, but in the movie he just sees Jacob leaving and fading out on an empty street. In the movie, there was more tone because of its technical parts which were the lighting, music, movements, etcetera. The music added more horror to each part than in the book. It seemed as though Scrooge was more horrified in the movie than he was in the book. For example, When the ghost of Christmas future came, Scrooge was horrified and all the music that played and the sound effects that happened, helped to point out that he was horrified. “A Christmas Carol” is a really spectacular movie/book. It puts people in the Christmas mood, but it also scares people into the Christmas mood. It teaches many great lessons to everyone. It is a very good movie and book to watch/
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