A Christmas Carol Essay

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A Christmas Carol Comparing and Contrasting Essay
A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, tells the story of a man, Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge, who believes Christmas to be humbugged, and is later visited by three ghosts aim to alter his atrocious attitude by the time Christmas arrives.This, in turn, is to help save him from what he believes to be an abominable fate, dying alone and no one truly feeling sad for his death. There have been many film adaptations of the drama, but one most notably being the 1984 rendition of A Christmas Carol, directed by Clive Donner. Although the stories are very similar, one can note few key differences in both play and drama portrayals. First, many of the lines are very different. The drama lines are much longer and take the current subject and further explain it.The movie’s
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For instance, the movie portrays the Ghost of Christmas Past as a woman instead of a man, unlike its play counterpart, where the Ghost of Christmas Past is obviously described as a male! To further support this argument, the play goes as far as to very specifically describe 2 of the 3 characters as male, Ghost of Christmas Past, and Ghost of Christmas Present. The Phantom ( Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come) is described as a dark shadowy figure, who does not talk, and only shows what is to come in the near future. It is undetermined what “It’s” gender is, due to the fact that we never hear it speak nor see its face. Many prefer to call “it” male, but it is still unclear as to what its official gender is. The author does use the word “his”and “It 's” to describe some of the creatures features such as his hand. Example:“ The PHANTOM is shrouded in black. Only ” its” outstretched hand is visible from under “his” ghostly garments.” (Dickens 25) Ebeneezer says something of the same manner, saying that he is the phantom shrouded in black, here to show him what is to come. (Video
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