A Christmas Carol: Similarities And Differences Of Book And Movie

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Similarities and Differences of the Play and Movie A Christmas Carol Greed is a trait nobody should have and one man’s life was ruined by it.“Bah Humbug!”is a famous quote from the astounding play, A Christmas Carol the story of a rich, old, mean man named Ebenezer Scrooge whose life was turned around. The play was later copied in a movie in 1984 and the movie shows many similarities and differences to the play. Most of the similarities and differences appear when the three ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future visit him and change his life for the better. After scrooge sees his dead body with nobody caring about it. He is then Humbled and changes his life as he then does good deeds and is a happy and kind man. Scrooge starts out…show more content…
The ghost of Christmas past, present, and future(Dickens 9,10). As Marly leaves and the ghost of christmas past comes, Scrooge at first is very frightened. The ghost then tells scrooge to touch her robe and they magically travel to the old past when they see Scrooge as a young school boy where they can see how Ebenezer’s father really hated him because his wife died giving birth to him. Now Scrooge’s dad blames him for it(Dickens 13,14,15). The spirit next takes him to his teenage years where scrooge sees himself as a young happy and poor boy at a dance party with his long time girlfriend. Scrooge is actually happy at this time. The Spirit finally takes him to his worst nightmare. she takes him to the exact moment when Ebenezer’s girlfriend releases him. On a Christmas eve, Scrooge(whose father has died and now he has finally made his fortune) comes home from work and finds his girlfriend at the park on a bench. His girlfriend sadly goes off about how he never has time for her and his thoughts had been consumed by money. As she lets him go, old scrooge is screaming at young scrooge to go after her. But he can’t hear him and foolishly doesn’t.(Dickens
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