A Christmas Carol Movie Vs Play

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“Christmas is a Humbug” he says. The drama “A Christmas Carol” is about a man named who has a nasty attitude about Christmas. He is a greedy man who doesn’t want to donate anything to the poor and sick. He thinks that Christmas is a waste of time and money. Marley was this man’s business partner before he died. Marley came to this selfish man as a ghost with money boxes and chains which were weighing him down. Marley came to warn him that he needs to become a new man. Marley said that if he didn’t change that he would be hated by everyone like Marley was after he died. There are many similarities and a couple differences between this movie and drama like the ghosts of Past, Present and Future. In the play by Charles Dickens, the ghost of…show more content…
In the play, they describe Scrooge as a nasty and ugly old man. “The cold within him freezes his old features, nips his pointed, shriveled his cheek, stiffens his gait; makes his eyes red, his thin lip blue; and speaks shrewdly in his grating voice.”(Charles Dickens 1) In the movie, Scrooge looks like an ordinary old man. In the movie, Scrooge’s apprentice takes his crippled son Tiny Tim to watch the children play. Tiny Tim watches the kids playing and wishes that he could run and play with them too. In the play by Charles Dickens, Tiny Tim doesn’t appear until the middle section of the play. Another difference is that in the movie when Scrooge is walking home, a carriage comes by with Marley in the tomb and Marley says “Scrooooooge.” This scene never happens in the play. In the movie, it shows some poor, homeless people who are in a cold and wet place. The man talks to the wife and tells her that he wants her and the kids to stay in a shelter until he finds a job and can support his family. The mother says she won’t because she would rather get through it as a family, than get split up in the shelter. This scene was not present in the play
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