A Christmas Carol: Play Vs. Audio Version

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“Bah! Humbug!” That was Scrooge 's favorite saying. We read a play called, “A Christmas Carol.” We also listened to the audio version of “A Christmas Carol.” I believe the play version is better than the audio version. My first reasoning for this is, I can visualize the characters in my mind. I say this because in the text it says, “Scrooge is at his desk, at work…Bah! Humbug!” It also says, “Cratchit rubs his hands together, puts on a white comforter and tries to heat his hands around his candle.” I can see Bob Cratchit in my mind trying to keep warm. My second reasoning is, I hear the voices the way I want to hear them. In the play it says, “Nephew: Come, then. What right have you to be dismal. What reason have you to be morose? You 're rich…show more content…
My third reasoning is, I can imagine the different things they do and I can feel the pain and happiness they go through. In the text it says, “The clerk in the tank applauds, looks at the furious Scrooge and pokes out his tiny fire…” When I read this, I see a man with an angry face at Scrooge holding a candle with a tiny fire. I saw what was happening and I felt that urge of frustration he had. I believe the audio version of “A Christmas Carol” is better because I can hear background music and I can hear the noise of thunder and the boom of the lightning. The thing is you can’t visualize as well, and you don’t hear the voices the way you want to hear them. Also, the background music wasn’t helpful either. It distracted me as the person read. In conclusion, I believe the play is better than the audio. My three reasonings were, I can visualize, hear the voices, and see the reactions that are happening. At the end, I decide, “ok, the audio version was good, but not great!” [Church bells chime in Christmas Day. A small boy, named Adam, is seen now DOWNSTAGE RIGHT, a light fades up on him.] “Hey you boy! What’s today? What day of the year is it?” Scrooge says this to Adam. He replies, “Today sir? Why it’s Christmas
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