A Christmas Carol Theme Analysis

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In the book A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens there are a variety of themes that can teach us morals. But there is one theme that makes more of a statement than the other themes. This theme is being money can’t buy happiness.This book demonstrates this across the book in a plethora of ways. You will learn how the book demonstrates the theme and why the theme is money can’t buy happiness. In the beginning of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is very secluded and far from happy. He declines going to eat with his nephew and when the two men walk into his shop scrooge doesn’t donate to those in need. Later on during the first chapter, he is greeted by the ghost of his partner, Jacob Marley, and is told about what will happen to him. The things that will happen to him are because of his greedy and materialistic nature, a prime example of the theme, money can’t buy happiness. Moving on, we will go further into the book. Later on in the book we see the same theme reocurring. When scrooge is visited by the first spirit, the ghost of christmas past. During this visit,…show more content…
This spirit shows the future to scrooge. After a while in this future, scrooge soon realizes that he has passed away. People during this time discuss his funeral and one gentleman says, “I don’t mind going if a lunch is provided.” This is showing that people didn’t really care for scrooge since he never really talked to anybody or socialize at all really and simply kept to his money. To top it all off,in this unfortunate future, tiny tim died because of his illness. If they family had more wealth than they would have had him alive. If scrooge were not materialistic and greedy than tiny tim would be alive in the future and people would care about his death. This is another piece of evidence for the theme money doesn’t buy happiness. Wrapping things up this piece this all
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