A Christmas Carol Thesis

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All books come from somewhere, and have its own unique story that can connect to the author in a special way. In the novel, A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, an old miserable man, Ebenezer Scrooge, has a deep hatred for Christmas. During Scrooge's nighttime sleep, he receives a visitation from three spirits, Ghost of Christmas Past, representing memory; the Ghost of Christmas Present portraying celebration, charity, and holiday spirit. Lastly, the Ghost of Christmas Future illustrates the horror of death. The three ghosts inspire Scrooge to become kind-hearted, caring, and overall a better person. The story of A Christmas Carol, relates to Charles Dickens life in so many ways because of his experience of being poor, and his life…show more content…
In fact, Charles dickens also once lived in the same desperate poverty state as the Cratchit Family. “Despite his parents’ best efforts, the family remained poor... He felt abandoned and betrayed by the adults who were supposed to take care of him”( Editors). “The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, for example, was intended to end relief to any able-bodied person and make the remaining charity as minimal as possible to deter all but the most desperate from requesting such aid”(Geva Theatre Center, Rochester NY). This shows that even Charles Dickens felt neglected because he was very poor and in debt, having no support from the wealthy or other people. Also, the Poor Law stated that money would be reduced from going to the poor, which meant the needy had to only find help in workhouses. This amendment had a huge impact on the English people. Unfortunately, this is the reality and even is exemplified in the novel. “They (Cratchit Family) were not a handsome family, they were not well dressed, their shoes were far from being waterproof...”(Dickens 73). The Cratchit Family were similar to Dickens in a way because they didn't have an extravagant lifestyle, they were very simple since they had to live within their means. After all, the Cratchits were in poverty. Charles and the Cratchit Family shared the fact that they were both desperate and in a bad state. Dickens had special characters to represent him, where he expressed his emotions and feelings through the Cratchit
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