A Cinderella Film Analysis

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Film reviews are a big part of the movie world because that is what people look at to decide whether or not they want to see a movie or not. The film I picked to write about is A Cinderella Story directed by Mark Rosman and written by Leigh Dunlap. This movie made its debut in 2004. The setting of this film is in San Fernando Valley. In this film, there are a lot of people that make up the cast but I will just talk about the main characters. Referring to the website IMBD.com, A Cinderella Story stars Hillary Duff who played Sam Montgomery, who was the main girl in the movie which the story line is about. Sam’s step mom Fiona, was played by Jennifer Coolidge, the evil step sisters were played by Madeline Zima and Andrea Avery Ray. Austin Aims,…show more content…
The movie takes a sad turn when Sam’s dad dies in an earthquake. That is when Sam is left with her “evil” step mom Fiona and step sisters. An article from an online database said it perfectly by writing “Sam is a virtual slave to her stepmother and stepsisters. Things aren't much better at school, where Sam is routinely dissed by the cool kids for working in a diner and hopelessly pines for the big dog on campus, Austin” (Noh). Sam’s dream is to go to Princeton and that is where her dad wanted her to be as well. The only problem was that Fiona, did not want that to happen. Fiona received Sam’s acceptance letter and butchered it to say that she was not accepted. Sam starts online messaging with one of the most popular boys in school, Austin Aims. They fall for each other behind the computer screen but do not know who one another are. Once everyone finds out it is Sam who Austin is looking for everyone is in shock because she is a “no one” (Cinderella). Sam Montgomery also known as “Cinderella” and Austin Aims also known as “Nomad” end up dating, it was the happily ever after everyone wants and was a real fairytale
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