A Class Apart Movie Analysis

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A Class Apart: Movie Analysis
1) Briefly summarize the film in your own words
A Class Apart was about the Hernandez v Texas case. However, it was so much more than that, it was about Mexican Americans obtaining their rights. They were considered white but they did not get fair treatment. They were called horrible names and were treated poorly compared to white folks. Gus Garcia and his team made their way all the way to the United States Supreme Court to prove that Mexican Americans were truly not a class apart, they were the same as white people. This film expressed their fight and struggle to terminate discrimination.
2) Describe an example of each form of discrimination: individual, institutional, racism and privilege.
• Individual discrimination: Gus Garcia never got a higher promotion because he
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Mr. Espinosa said that Pete would never find a women, but he does not know this he is making an unfair judgments, which led to his death.
• Pauline Rosa: She tried to get her children enrolled in an English-speaking school but they were denied because they were Latino. She fought for her children because it was not right for her children to be denied a chance of receiving decent education. Her children were just as worthy as the Anglo children.
4) Choose 2 characters and explain their “transformation” by the end of the movie.
5) Carlos Cadena: He assisted Mr. Garcia in the Hernandez v. Texas case. He was not as famous as Mr. Garcia, however he eventually became Chief Justice, which was a great accomplishment. He proved that being Latino does not make it so you cannot exceed.
• Wanda Garcia: She was treated poorly as a child, called terrible names, and was looked down on. At the end of the film, she seemed to learn from what happened to her as a child and she seems to be living a strong happy life.
6) Identify 1 issue that divided members within the same

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