A Classic Novel

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A classic novel is a novel which is widely recognised and valued. These novels are appreciated because they present outstanding or enduring qualities. Classic literature usually becomes popular once it is published and remains this way throughout time. These novels are usually held to a high standard and are likely to have themes that remain relevant to this day, upholding their popularity. One of the most well known examples of a classic novel is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ published in 1960 and written by Harper Lee. Fifty years after being published, To Kill a Mockingbird remains loved by audiences of all ages and genders. This is majorly because of its powerful themes such as; justice, loss of innocence, and good vs evil. The books use of…show more content…
Loss of innocence is thought of as the experience children go through when they grow up. The period of their life when they become more aware of the world and the suffering around them. In To Kill a Mockingbird, loss of innocence is seen specifically in the characters Scout, Jem, Dill, and Boo Radley more than others. An example of these characters growing up is in chapter 19 when Dill is forced to leave the courtroom in tears. He has grown up believing all people are good and will inherintley treat each other right but, when he is faced with the prosecutors poor treatment of Tom Robinson, he breaks down crying. “Hasn’t anybody got any business talkin’ like that- it just makes me sick”. It is his first time witnessing a lawyer cross-examining anyone before and is stunned by the way the prosecutor regards Mr Robison. Coming to this realisation, that there are people who choose to riducule and mock others, is part of Dils loss of innocence, and shows how his character develops throughout the novel. Having children in the book discovering the world around them makes the reader connect more with the characters, engaging the audience in the story. The effect of this theme is one of the many reasons that the story is so well-known and definetly one of the reasons for it being labelled a classic…show more content…
To Kill a Mockingbird remains, to this day, a classic novel because of the various themes and techniques stated above which make it an interestitng and widely-known story. Having themes like justice, loss of innocence, and good vs evil helps the reader connect with the characters and their situations. As well as making Harper Lee’s story a classic, these themes are also depicted in many other well-known classic novels proving that they have a positive affect on the
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