A Clockwork Orange And Brave New World Comparison Essay

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Should individuals submit to their government or to society? Is it worth losing their self-determination? In both Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World, and Anthony Burgess’s, A Clockwork Orange, the objectives of the government to maintain power and stability are alike, while its methods of upholding such rigid control over the people are different. The government’s authority has a profound effect on society that is apparent in both novels when assessing the value of free will to an individual. The government’s predominant presence in society is evident in both novels as it uses technology to control the people. In Brave New World, a satiric dystopian novel, the government, also referred to as the World State, controls all aspects of human life, even reproduction. This is done through the Bokanovsky and Podsnap processes that enable the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre to produce thousands of identical embryos. These embryos are treated and conditioned to belong in one of five castes while they travel along a conveyor belt in bottles as they grow. The Hatchery, having the mindset of promoting efficiency and profit, controls how many clones are produced following the principle of…show more content…
However, the means to accomplish this goal are different between Huxley and Burgess’s novels. In Brave New World, happiness is the epitome of society’s ideals where everyone is so content that they do not care about losing their freedom and ability to make choices. The government designs a world full of deliberate self-delusion so that truth and individuality is nonexistent, along with violence, which is the opposite of what takes place in A Clockwork Orange. This is elucidated when Mustapha Mond, an executive figure in the government, explains to Mr. Savage, an outsider, how this perfectly constructed society in Brave New World

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