A Clockwork Orange Film Analysis

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Language in the film and novel A Clockwork Orange plays a significant role in not only narrating the plot but also conveying the message of the novel and film. In this essay I will be discussing the function of language and cinematic techniques in the A Clockwork Orange and how serves as a tool to; brainwash the reader and viewer, veil the violent actions that takes place and show Alex the protagonist’s manipulative power through the use of Nadsat. Burgess stated that he uses Nadsat as a brainwashing device in the novel A Clockwork Orange. The use of Nadsat causes the reader to actively interact with the language, because the reader is curious and motivated to master Nadsat, thus making Nadsat a “positive reinforcer” (Ravyse, 2014). The reader will continue reading the content finding pleasure in understanding the language. The reader is not fully aware of the actions that take place early in the novel, only to realise after reading certain activities multiple times what is being done. The reader goes from being immersed by the language to a disliking the language, nevertheless the reader continues to read the novel since…show more content…
The music used in the film is normally associated with positivity; therefore the viewer is not able to fully comprehend the violence that is taking place. This is seen in the scene where Billy Boy and his four droogs are getting ready to rape the young woman, cheerful music is played in the background; by doing this the director is creating a cushioning layer between the viewer and the acts of violence (Kubrick, 1971). The same effect is seen when Kubrick makes use of speeding up the pace in the scenes where Alex and the two women are having sexual intercourse. To veil the action even more Kubrick adds music that is not only uplifting but it also suits the pace of the deeds taking place (Kubirck,1971). Through this the viewer cannot fully comprehend what had

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