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Alien was one of the first movies I could remember as a kid that genuinely scared me. A monster on a ship with acid for blood? Nope. A facehugger that rapes your face and implants and alien in your chest only to burst out killing you? Hell no. All of this happening in a claustrophobic ship? It 's a horror film in space. I loved every moment of it.

In 2012, Ridley Scott unveiled Prometheus with middling results. I loved how it looked, I just didn 't like how nothing is really explained. From what I read about the development in the script, it was a direct Alien prequel, but then Scott said to not make it a direct prequel. He brought in new writers, and what we got was a confusing and cliche mess. It did reveal what the sky pilot was. So that
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They 're always pretty dumb, but when the crew goes out onto the planet with no helmets, it 's almost as annoying as the idiot in the last film who started poking at the space snake. This is grade school stuff you don 't do. You don 't mess with snakes, and you certainly don 't mess with space snakes.

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The colony ship Covenant uses the tired film plot of sending a ship full of people to seed a new planet, but something happens where the ship stops and they have to land on a random planet. They notice it 's a perfect place to stay, so they just stay there instead of the original destination. A huge financial investment to get that ship into outer space, and then the crew says "screw it" and lands there. That 's like movie to Rome, and deciding to stay in Delaware when the plane has to make a detour. I couldn 't get over that.

What the film really succeeds in is the visuals, the aliens, and the acting. The first half of the movie was a solid Alien prequel, but it fails when it slides into being a Prometheus sequel. Sure, there were Prometheus stuff in the prologue, but then it went right back to the new ship. Everything felt familiar to the first film. It felt like a soft reboot until the film moved along into the second and third
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