A Comparison Essay: Welcome To Boora Boon

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Welcome to Bora Bora, where you can have one of the best experiences in your life. This place may seem that it has always been like this, but it can hide some secrets and have a very interesting history behind its beauty. Even though Bora Bora was found back in 1769 by James Cook, nothing was officially established until 1820. When the WWII broke out, the US build a base there after Japan had dropped bombs in Pearl Harbor. Many troops were sent to be able to be transported towards the action of the war. Some were also left to be able to protect the island from any other surprised attacks from Japan. Who would have thought that in this peaceful place there was still chaos when wars were happening around the world. A total of eight canons were placed on the island. Till…show more content…
We also have a couple of activities that happened on land. People can go hiking near the mountain or talk with us to make a scavenger hunt for your friends/family. We mostly have families or couples that come and spend time together with nature. We have gotten many compliments about this being an amazing place and how we can also make this a better experience for others. With the feedback that we get from previous tourist we now know what are some of the best things that many people enjoy. For the most part many of the women say that they enjoyed the spa that we have. Ladies, who really enjoys to be able to relax after days having to support you husband or boyfriend. Men, who doesn’t enjoy having fun with your buddies and get away from your wife or girlfriend who annoys you every 5 minutes throughout the week. We all would like our break to be able to have our fun and be able to do things on our own. Well here the ladies can go to the spa with the amigas and are able to talk all they would like and have been dying to tell about certain things that they found out about. Men can go have competitions between each other on land or in

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