A Comparison Of Andrew Jackson And John Quincy Adams

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In this election of 1828 between a democrat Andrew Jackson and a republican John Quincy Adams, we as a nation must choose a man to make our country great. Andrew Jackson is a war hero, a man of honor and pride, who defended our country in times of need and won the battle of New orleans at all costs; he made responsible choices from tough corners for a better outcome. Let 's not forget his implementation for economic growth by eliminating national banks while odd as it may seem, but the working principle is that they are more prone to political corruption. And lastly his view on equality is that of a common man to another; he is against the tariff law passed onto the southern states which has large impact on our trades. He is also a law student and involved in political system for many years; from representative, senate to military governor in florida, he has experienced our country from many perspectives.Now on the other hand let’s look at Adams.…show more content…
Adams is an elitist, who wants to run the country and give more power to his similar (The rich). Not only this but, he implemented those tariff laws which favored the Northern Industrialists. Do we need a President who is prejudiced and corrupt from the very first? I don’t. Andrew Jackson, a man has superior skills in decision making toward growth and equality, is the one who has my vote. Lastly, I would like to say that indeed Jackson isn’t all form of purity and may have committed some mistakes but, I would vote a man who learnt from mistakes rather than a man made from disdain and
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