A Comparison Of Bullying And Josh's Story

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People all over the world have been suffering from bullying for a long time. Bullying comes in many forms including abuse, cyberbullying, and many other harsh tactics. The stories of two children, Ashley and Josh, help us see that although bullying is a terrible thing, there are ways to stop it. Ashley and Josh are both teenagers with bullying problems. Their stories share many similarities and differences that help us see how we can put a stop to bullying in our own lives if the situation ever arises. As you will see, Ashley’s story and Josh’s story can be used to help prevent further bullying in the future.

The author of the first article, “Josh’s Story; getting bullied”, was actually the stepmother to Josh. The stepmother had noticed that Josh had been coming home with multiple injuries. Josh was only eleven, and had just gone to a new school. The transfer was hard for him, and the kids at his school only made it more difficult by physically abusing him. They went as far as breaking his leg. These incidents affected many people including the superintendent, Josh’s family, the bullies, and the bullies’ families. Josh was able to escape the situation after his stepmother finally wrote to the superintendent. They moved Josh to a better school, and were able to avoid a …show more content…

Bullying often results in the separation of the victims and their friends. This is not the only way to stop bullying though. By reporting it to a trustworthy adult, you can make sure that the bullies are not able to hurt you anymore. These two stories also show that there are multiple methods of bullying that get in the victim 's head just as much as the next. Josh was bullied through physical abuse, while Ashley was cyberbullied. Although the minor effects in the scenarios were different, Ashley was still affected mentally. Obviously, being bullied had very negative effects on Ashley and Josh, but we can learn from

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