A Comparison Of Claude Monet And Pablo Picasso

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Artwork could be defined as a universal language that can carry ideas and emotions of an artist toward audiences via a particular narrative. Presently, there are many memorable art pieces from various artists. Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso as well have become prominent from their unique styles of artwork, which conveys a profound feeling through basic elements of art, such as use of color and a narrative. Although two of them are highly notable for art, there are four differences between Monet’s garden and Picasso’s garden, which are artist’s background information, technique, inspiration and meaning.

The first difference between Monet’s garden and Picasso’s garden is artist’s background information. Background information is a general fact of the artist himself, which will provide audiences the better interpretation of painting toward each unique painting style. Claude Monet, French artist, was one of the pioneers of impressionism in 1860s, mostly created his artworks in a well-known “plein-air” painting style (Perry, 1927). Impressionism, in fact, derived from his artwork entitled “Impression, Sunrise” which gave its impression in terms of conveying feeling to most viewers as they were in the same situation (Dempsey, 2002). In general, impressionist art focuses on capturing the natural surroundings in a brief moment and shows in a rough style of painting (Grant, 2010). While, Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who spent most of his time in France and produced multiple
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