A Comparison Of Cleopatra And Joan Of Arc And Cleopatra

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Cleopatra and Joan of Arc are two of the most powerful and influential women to ever have lived. Although each one led for their own purposes, and in their own style, the consequences of their actions still have ripples in today’s world. Whether it be because of Cleopatra’s beauty or ruthlessness, or Joan of Arc’s faith and purity both women are considered iconic figures in the global community. Throughout time both Joan of Arc and Cleopatra have been documented as extremely influential characters in history. Cleopatra and Joan of Arc were iconic in different ways, for different reasons but it is undeniable that without them, the world wouldn’t be as it is today. Cleopatra VII, daughter of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, was born into royalty. As her…show more content…
Yes, she served politically as well, but there was no other motive. She only wanted to make Egypt an eminence amongst the other countries, and to follow her family’s legacy as the dynasty of Egypt’s rulers. Her main goals were to unify her country by stabilizing it and to enlarge her territories. She also managed to take all the power from her brother(s) and become the sole ruler of Egypt. This is important because it proves that she really was an ambitious leader. Cleopatra was in it for the fame and glory, as well as for the power that came along with it.This made her a fierce and respected leader of her time. About a millenia and a half years later came another of the world 's most famous female leaders. Although she was more a teenager than a woman, Jeanne D’Arc, known as Joan of Arc, was one of the most legendary female figures ever. Joan barely even had a childhood. She was born to an extremely religious family in Domremy, France. She did not go to school but was taught to be extremely devout. Joan was especially good at spinning, an activity that was quite common in the mid 15th century, and is said to have been a fast runner. She loved going to church and

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