Compare And Contrast Essay On Coke Vs Pepsi

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Advertisements flood our society, not one day goes by that you aren’t bombarded with different advertisements and product labels. This is now a part of our society that we can not change. Two of the biggest competitors in the soft drink industry, Coke and Pepsi, always have very powerful advertisements. Marketing companies on both sides use some strong techniques to persuade the consumer to buy one product over the other. The lesser common method is known as the copy. This really just means the words themselves on the advertisement. Companies don’t really use words unless it’s portraying the company or product name or their slogan. The easiest way to draw consumers into a product is the layout of the ad. This pertains to the visuals and the setup of the ad. This is where you see who the ad is geared towards and how the marketers want you see view what their product is. The two advertisement that I chose aren’t very similar even though they advertise…show more content…
Coke and Pepsi sell very similar products, yet the ads I found aren’t very similar. There’s two ways of going at making an ad, one has to do with the words on the page, and the other is about what images are in the ads. Pepsi focuses more on the image to draw people in, while Coke uses a lot of bold font words and bold colors to catch consumer’s eyes. Coke used product name repetition and their reputation to help push their advertisement to consumers. Pepsi took a different approach. They decided to use a more sexual image to promote their new skinny can. This approach will attract more men to the product, but it will also attract women to the skinny, more attractive can and the new “healthier” product they released. Coke has geared their ad more to just catch eyes and make people crave that “Original Coke Taste”. Coke and Pepsi use very different methods to get their product across, but both methods are very appealing and seem to work pretty
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