A Comparison Of Daddy By Sylvia Plath And Annabel Lee

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In the two poems “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath and “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe the authors have two different views. In the poem Daddy the young narrator talks about how her dad being gone change her life for the worst. In the poem Annabel Lee the narrator talks about the love of his life and how the death of her will not end their love. In both poems the compare contrast of love and hate are clearly shown in the writing style and the lost of someone important in their lives. The poem “Daddy” is about a women whose father died when she was a very young age. She then goes on to saying that she killed him even though she didn’t. She tried to get back to her father even if he was died. She tried to commit suicide but every time she tried they stop her. She then goes to find someone else to replace her father in her life. When she got married to the man who was exactly like her father she realized that he was not her father. She then kill her husband just like she did to her father. The poem “Annabel lee” is about two lovers that live in a kingdom by the sea one is named annabel lee and the other person is not given a name. The narrator of the story is explaining the love that they both have started when they were young. The narrator stated that everyone was jealous of their love even the angle up in heaven and the demon down under the sea. The day that his true love Annabel lee die he said that the angles in heaven enve their love so much that they took away her beloved Annabel
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