A Comparison Of David Hume And Georg Hegel

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Philosophical ideas of the numerous philosophers can sometimes overlap and eventually, provide the answers to one another. This paper focuses on such overlapping philosophical ideas of David Hume and Georg Hegel. Projection theory, imperfection of God, and building of personal identity are the examples that appeared in both of their philosophy. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how David Hume and Georg Hegel’s own philosophical ideas can reinforce one another and how Hegel’s idea of Geist can answer Hume’s “secret power”, creating constant conjunction. Several philosophical ideas overlap between Hume and Hegel; one of them is the theory of projection. The concept of the theory of projection is that we project our qualities to others in order to understand ourselves. In “Independence and dependence of Self-Consciousness: Lordship and Bondage”, Hegel presented the process of self-consciousness, that we become self-conscious when encounter another self-consciousness. It comes from outside and achieved only by being acknowledged or recognized. Yet, it can see otherness as a threat to itself that both may enter life-and-death struggle to prove themselves and each other (Hegel,…show more content…
Moreover, by sharing similar philosophical ideas, it enables to use Hegel’s idea of Geist as an answer to Hume’s secret power, that Hume could not comprehend. These two philosophers shared great similarities in their philosophy, allowing our understanding of modern philosophy; nevertheless, it is crucial to realize that there may be more overlapping or even conflicting philosophical ideas of different philosophers that yield various outcomes than the one presented by this paper. Finding overlapping ideas of different philosophers enhance deeper understanding of philosophy and may eventually strengthen one
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