A Comparison Of Desiree's Baby And The Hand By Kate Chopin

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In Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby,” and “The Hand” by Colette, the protagonists are resigned from their lives. The hand girl, a newlywed wife, is frightened of her husband’s power and afraid of the man that she misguided for love. Desiree marries Armand upon his proposal only to leave him after having a major conflict. However, Desiree and the hand girl only gaines sadness from their marriage. The women’s feelings towards their husband changes across the story as they displays their emotions and actions by facing their obstacles head on.

Colette’s, “The hand” is similar to “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin because both characters have internal conflicts. The hand girl experiences internal conflict within herself because she come to regret marrying
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As Desiree asks her husband if he wants her to leave and Armand replies, “Yes, I want you to go.” (Chopin 3) Desiree has no choice, but to leave her husband and take the child along with her. Similarly, the hand girl resigns herself to her husband because she has nowhere to go. It expresses that she is trying to save herself from the disaster that could fall upon their marriage “… she leaned over and humbly kissed the monstrous hand.” (Colette 2) The hand girl makes an ultimate effort to stay trapped in the marriage by kissing the hand of a stranger. At last, the hand girl and Desiree chooses to give up on their happiness of their husband.

Desiree and the hand girl are different in various ways. Such as, Desiree is faithful and devoted to her husband. Then she encounters a conflict with her husband, where she stands up for herself when she is accused of being mixed race. In contrast, the hand girl is afraid of commitment and feels insecure from her husband. “She shuddered and felt her skin crawl on the back of her arms and down her back.” (Colette 2). She is secretly unhappy, and comes to regret marrying a strange
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