A Comparison Of Elie Wiesel's Night And Hard Work

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In both Elie Wiesel 's Night and in Gatorade 's commercial featuring the song “Hard Work” the main point is hard work gets you pay. In Wiesel 's book Night, it says on the Auschwitz entrance: “Work makes you free.” (Wiesel 40). With this in mind, many of the prisoners thought this was true at first but then later found out that that statement was not true. On the opposite hand in the Gatorade commercial featuring “Hard Work” is sung “Hard Work, to earn my pay” (Gatorade) and basically it 's saying that if you work hard then you earn the pay you wanted. Now, this sounds similar to the sign at Auschwitz but what is sung and what you get out of it and what is on the sign and what you get out of that is very different. In conclusion, they seem to
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