A Comparison Of Frankenstein And Elizabeth In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley has been a great tool of advice for those who get the wisdom out of the message that she is trying to convey to her audience through the tale of a man who seeked powers no human should ever think of. When examining the issues of desire of knowledge God-like powers that we see how a human was made for such knowledge and that due to the curiosity of “Frankenstein” that we see the effects of possessing thoughts and knowledge not meant for men that those who seek it eventually regret possessing this ability to understand. Once the main character “Frankenstein” obtains a vast amount of knowledge about biology, electricity, pseudo-genetic engineering and Galvinism and with the knowledge provided from these was he able to give life to a creature that was the destruction of his happiness and a threat to humanity with physical attributes no other creature possesses in the entire history of humankind. Throughout the novel we are able to depict Shelley’s comparison of the feminism criticism by the way she uses Frankenstein and Elizabeth specially on the way they are being portrayed and the…show more content…
This suggests that in this era women were not at the same level as man and that man were the smart ones. Also it shows that in their culture it was common for the man to study and become wiser with the world as to women as to her who focused more on “poetry” and non highly intellectual subjects which would be a typical way to characterize women in this time. Essentially what this is saying is that men are more capable than women to do harder and more intellectual stuff which is something that would be common for this period to have the women do the easy
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