A Comparison Of Frida Kahlo And Chuck Close

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The pain and suffering of Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close gave them the ability to create personal works of art to tell a story. The more suffering each of them encountered, the more artwork was produced, revealing the thoughts in their head, the pain that was endured and what gave them relief. Art really can be a drug, and from this essay, it will outline the development of each of their careers through all of the works of art and progress.


My essay will address the progressive struggles and pain of two artists Chuck Close and Frida Kahlo, and how they each earned recognition through self-portraiture. Their many portraits, developed by use of detailed photography and painting, represented a historical diary, and gave way to their creative careers.
Close is recognisable because he was creating modern compositions of self portraits and portraits in the 60s, an age when no one was doing this anymore, a time when ART WAS DEAD. Using the large scale was also shocking as it had such impact when placed in a room. Not only did he paint portraits because at the time there was no competition but also because it had a meaning behind it (EXAMPLES, quote, article link); Close suffers from face blindness (Prosopagnosia) and other disabilities but uses them to develop further his “style” (way of work) throughout the years.

Frida Kahlo, for the more pain she went through, the more distance she kept from her husband, the more selfish she grew, the more revealing

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