A Comparison Of Gerry Boyle And Port City Shakedown By Stephen King

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Gerry Boyle and Stephan King are two of the more popular Main authors who both specialize in creating fictional mystery and action novels. Even though both of the author’s novels are set in the state of Maine and can be categorized under the same two words, they both bring you into two very different stories. Focusing on the literary elements imagery, character development and theme we can easily compare and contrast Gerry Boyle’s Port City Shakedown and Blaze by Stephan King. Imagery is a very important literary element in a story and depending on the person, can be the one element that determines whether a book is interesting, or not. Blaze and Port City Shakedown have some similar and some different ways of depicting the state of…show more content…
On the other hand, Port City Shake Down views two very different sides of Maine; the touristy parts and the side that Stephan King depicted in his novel, Blaze. The novel you could say has two main characters, Brandon Blake, who is a cop and Joel Fuller who is an ex-con. An example from the novel on Blake’s point of view is “It was gray-blue light, the first stirrings of dawn. Diesels chugged somewhere across the harbor. Gulls warbled from roofs of the sheds, a tern chattered overhead. The wind flicked chop against the hulls, a soft slapping, a hundred different rhythms, one for each of the boats.” Blake lives in the very busy and touristy part of Portland while an excerpt from Fuller’s side of the story shows that he lives in the more rundown outskirts part of Portland making their image of Maine different. “The path

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