A Comparison Of Hip-Hop And Gangsta Rap

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During the 1990’s in a crime infested city, there was a group of men that looked to change music as we know it. Their goal was to create a genre of music that no one has ever heard or even thought about. N***az Wit Attitude a.k.a N.W.A were the root of a new generation of Hip-Hop and Gangsta Rap. Growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S, Compton, CA isn’t the best place to live and start your own label because of all the gangs, drugs, and criminals. The five members (Ice Cube, Eazy-E, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, and DJ Yella) , all born around the same time met each other through business and other jobs. The men saw themselves writing music that actually meant something to society, and liked to call their music “reality rap”. After making…show more content…
Cube is the only member that was not born in Compton, but the suburb he grew up in was still not safe for kids and teenagers. Unlike the other members, Ice Cube was very passionate for school and was not bad at football. He actually almost was not a part of N.W.A because he still had to graduate at Phoenix Institute of Technology. Ice Cube wrote most of the raps for the first album and was who really wanted to form a group from the start (Dre wanted to as well). Out of everyone in the group Cube was the most affected by the police and was the one who had the most hate for the police. After continuously being stopped by the police for random drug checks and told to get on the ground because of their race, Ice Cube wrote one of N.W.A’s most famous songs, “F**K Tha Police”. Ice Cube probably played the biggest role in the group and was the reason they made it to…show more content…
Growing up in Compton was not easy for Yella, there were a lot of influences to do drugs, commit crimes, and join gangs. Throughout high school, Yella made his main supply of money DJing and producing music at local clubs with Dr. Dre. He was inspired by Grandmaster Flash and other artists who made early hip-hop and funk music. Although Yella did not play the biggest role in N.W.A he was the only group member that stayed loyal to the group and never left. Yella sticking with the group caused him to become very good friends with Eazy-E and that is what kept him from leaving and starting his own label. Once Eazy-E died, Yella made his first solo album, and even though it was not successful, he made friends with associates of Eazy and made beats for

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