A Comparison Of Jack London And White Fang

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White Fang is a novel by Jack London, depicting the life of a young wolf-dog mix. A movie was created soon after the novel was published, also portraying the life of the young wolf. The novel and film share a similar theme, but other aspects in the story line are very different. This essay will focus on White Fang’s point of view, theme, and characters as they differ between book and movie.

In both versions of White Fang, a young man who has arrived in Alaska to search for a gold mine encounters White Fang, a dog-wolf mix who has lost his wolf mother. White Fang has a fight with a fellow dog, and the man nurses White Fang back to health, and he becomes a close companion to him. In both versions, there are two men who take on role positions in the beginning of the movie. The other two main characters are White Fang and his mother, Keesh.

The main difference to the plot of the original White Fang is the point of view. In the story, the point of view is primarily from White Fang, and his journey through many kinds of human habitations, under many kinds of masters. The story is extremely descriptive to capture just how wolves view the world. London used very vivid details to describe all things the wolves experienced. In the film, the point of view is directly from man. The story focuses on a man as the main character and how he discovers White Fang.

Reading the book, it is clear that London uses third person point of view. The words make it seem that readers can see
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