A Comparison Of Marriage In Shakespeare's Othello

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Merriam-Webster defines marriage as; “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.” As in architecture which withstands the tests of time, a lasting union must be built on a solid foundation. When tested, by nature, or other malevolent influences, any failings will come to light quickly. The following is a comparison of two such occasions, and how outside influences led to the dissolution of each marriage. Othello was a proud, well respected, black General who entranced Desmedona with his life stories of tragedy and resilience, which he often recited to her father Brabantio. Being of high stature, Brabantio would never consent to the union of the two, knowing this; Desdemona quietly crept from her home and married Othello. Desdemona was a beautiful woman; courted by many would be suitors. One in particular, Roderigo, had a deep affection for her and sought to have the marriage annulled. Roderigo conspired with Iago, a trusted soldier and advisor to Othello. Iago secretly despised Othello and sought to take his place. To accomplish this, Iago and Roderigo woke Brabantio and advised him of his daughter’s deceptive ways. The two thought doing so would discredit Othello, thereby having him stripped of his position and leading to an annulment of the marriage. The Duke thwarted their plans by confronting Othello at the behest of Brabantio. Othello explained the circumstances of
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