A Comparison Of Michael Lewis's Pyramids And Pancakes?

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People prefer to have freedom and make their own decisions, rather than having someone always watching them and deciding what to do. As companies in the past two decades are beginning to allow their employees to have more freedom than, have a say in the company, and make decisions without having to consult a boss. Michael Lewis writes about two different style of companies, one is a pyramid system and the other is a pancake system, both important terms in his essay, “Pyramids and Pancakes.” As Lewis is describing these two styles of companies, he gives multiple examples, including one about Marcus Arnold, who is involved with a pancake style company. The company was AskMe.com which is a website that allows people to exchange information. Since people are starting to favor a pancake systems more, the pyramid companies must figure out if they are doing good work or not. Howard Gardner describes his definition of good work in, “Good Work, Well Done: A Psychological Study.” Throughout Gardners essay he talks about how to achieve good work, along with giving an example of a journalist urging his boss that he does not want to write an article because of the facts not correlating with how the story has to be. However, the journalist boss denies his request of not writing the story because of the contract he had signed, but luckily found a new job. Good work is something every company strives for, and because a pyramid style has been used for centuries, in today’s world it is

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