A Comparison Of Nelson Mandela And Mahatma Gandhi

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The word heroism has known as Heroic action, being brave and strong do great things for the world. According to OxfordAdvanced Learner’s Dictionary the word hero means a person who is admired of many people for doing something courageous. Another meaning of hero seems to mean a person who is adorable for great or brave acts or fine qualities (Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary).This essay will focus on two men heroes: Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi,were two greatest leaders are struggle against governmental oppression. Nelson Mandela was an African born in 1918, In contrast, Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian born in 1869. Mahatma Gandhi has the most inspirits because he was treat a lot of migration indians in the South Africa from racial discrimination and in his country. Also, Nelson Mandela’s first inspiration was Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation in India.…show more content…
He was the youngest of four children in his family. He didn 't eat meat and drink wine because of his religion. He finished the elementary and high school, then Gandhi was confused about which university he should attend and his mother supported her son whatever he wanted to study. Finally he decided to study law in England and faced many challenges. On the other side, when Nelson Mandela was seven years old, his father sent Mandela to school. He was the first member of the family who went to school. When he was nine years old his father died, as consequence Mandela leave Qunu, that place where he lived because his mother can 't bear to keep him in school then he went to live in Thembu relative Chief Jongintaba Dalinyebo. He treated Mandela very well and he continued his study in boarding school and

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