Picasso And Beethoven Comparison

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to paint demonic expressions and was attracted to ugliness instead of being attracted to goodness and subjects that expressed beauty. Jung justified his opinion of Picasso and Picasso’s art claiming that Picasso showed the same personality traits as his patients. Many psychologists referred to Picasso’s art as “Schizoid.” There is no doubt that Picasso painted at the subconscious level of his mind rather than the conscious environment during the time of his life. Many psychologists agreed with Picasso’s illustration of hell and the journey to hell. What Picasso tried to portray and expression in his paintings that unless one can recognize evil and hell and what actions cause people to descend into
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The only good outcome from both from their experiences with women was that they were in a heightened emotional state which lead them to create masterpieces which though not fully understood till today have been interpreted fairly well. Their fame was mainly due to the fact that they loved during the times that they did, but it does not in any way condone the attraction and the relationships with women that they had even though every woman in the lives of both influenced the work that was created during that period of time. However even if their genius remained the same there is no surety that they would have been as powerful composers of music and art if they had lived in a different time period where the influences were different and the experiences would have been…show more content…
Each solitary figure represented one aspect of moods, suffering, depression or metal agony. Many of his works are of the poor as the best of negative emotions can be seen in poverty in a natural way but this made him mental poor as he descended into a depression which was officially termed as clinical depression. However the paintings when interpreted show clearly that Picasso was trying to awaken society to the needs of society during the period in which he lived. It was a show of solidarity with those who had no voice in society as the patrons of his art were wealthy and the elite of society. When they saw the pairings it was a conscious revelation of their privileges in life and those who had not privileges which were depicted in Picasso’s paintings and hung from their walls where they would be reminded ion a daily basis of their privileges in life and those who had not privilege so that the situation would get better for those who had no
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