Context Of Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Context According to Library of Philadelphia "mash-up novels combine literary classics (or historical figures) with anything". The “anything” in this case are zombies. When presented with the title of this parody novel, one might immediately wonder why the author chose zombies of all the possible literary monsters. Setting aside the popularity of the "undead" among the modern society, this choice is not that very far-fetched, considering the time Austen lived in. With the upper-society worried about a possible French invasion and a lower-class revolution brewing, introducing zombies - creatures who have no place in the ordinary social classification and often representing uprisings - seems like the perfect way to shed light on these issues. Comparison The plotline remains largely the same as that of the original…show more content…
The men still has the power over the marriage nowadays, and the woman’s social and economic status have a great impact on whether the man’s family finds her suitable for him. In addition to marriage, education is also important, because in India, most women are much less educated than men and are given less opportunities. Usually men go to Universities either in India or overseas to study, more specifically medicine or engineering. In India, much like in various other countries, there are some significant differences in traditions and culture between the North and South of the country. Regardless of these differences, its society is based on a common hierarchical society. The majority being the working class. It is also a very connected society, in the sense that they prefer to participate in activities with more people than indulge on their own. This might explain all the big family gatherings and parties seen in the
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