Comparing Tell Tale Heart By Roald Dahl And Matilda

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Have you ever heard of the popular children author Roald Dahl, or the famous horror story writer Edgar Allan Poe? They are both unique and thrilling writers. Some of my personal favorites of Roald Dahl is The BFG and Matilda. You have probably heard of them. They are both inspiring children stories with excellent plots against evil. Edgar Allan Poe on the other hand, is a writer of dark menacing stories about tragedy or illness of mind. One of his greatest works that I have recently read was Tell Tale Heart. You may be wondering, “Well what do they have to do with each other?” or “What do they have in common?” Yes they are both very different, but they can be alike. Their similarities are simpler than you think. If you look closely at The…show more content…
The Giants are actually cannibalistic and the hunger for human flesh. If that’s not enough for you then take the Landlady for an example. The woman that greets Billy Weaver is actually a murderer. He is totally blind to it at first, but later realizes that she is kind of a creep with no personal space. She laced the tea she gave to Billy with poison so that he would fall asleep and die, but before the poison took affect on him, he noticed that the dog that was curled up so calmly next to the fire, was actually dead and stuffed and so was the parrot. “Oh yes dear I stuff all my pets when they die.” The names in the guest book that were entered in two, three years ago were the victims of murder. Then Edgar Allan Poe is just a straight up writer of horrifying, yet thrilling stories. Tell Tale Heart is a story about a young butler that serves an old man with an eye that
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