Comparison: John Comyn And Robert Bruce

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From 1296 Scotland was without a King and under attack from Edward I there were only two real main contenders for the Scottish throne, John Comyn and Robert Bruce. Bruce and Comyn had sworn an oath of loyalty to Edward I and up until 1306 some may have questioned Robert Bruce’s loyalties regarding Scotland, sometimes he fought for Edward I and sometimes against him. One thing is clear Robert Bruce never wavered from the aspiration of his family to gain the throne of Scotland. (Hodder Gibson pg. 59) On the 10th February 1306 Robert Bruce and John Comyn met at the church of the Grey Friars in Dumfries. Story’s differ among historians about why the two met, it is said the two met to discuss the land-for-crown deal where one would become King of Scotland and the other would receive their land. It is also said Bruce wanted to confront Comyn on why he betrayed him by telling Edward I his motives. According to some chronicles the discussion became heated and Bruce struck Comyn with a knife injuring him, then Bruce’s men murdered Comyn. Killing Comyn in a church was the greatest sacrilege imaginable which meant instant excommunication for Bruce. This could have meant the end for Bruce not only was Edward I out for his blood but now the Comyn family and…show more content…
This brought about the Declaration of Arbroath which many of the Scottish nobles were unhappy with and still did not give Scotland their independence. The truce only lasted for 3 years as Edward II was deposed by a coalition of barons, led by his wife and her lover. Bruce now launched raids in the north of England putting pressure on the new English Government and in 1328 the Treaty of Edinburgh was made. This Treaty gave Scotland its independence and King Robert was officially recognised as King of
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