A Comparison Of Symbolism And Surrealism

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In my 2000 word essay I am going to talk about two movements I have chosen and found interesting for my research and also power point presentation.The two movements I have chosen are Surrealism and Symbolism .Surrealism is a twentieth century avantgarden movement that developed out of Dadaist ideas.
The main leader of it being Andre Breton who also wrote "The Surrealist Manifesto in 1924”.Breton thought of surrealism as a unity of two worlds,that is of dream and fantasy,both linked to the real world creating Surrealism .
Representing dreamlike fantasies,surrealist artwork is defined by a realistic yet irrational style.The best artists to represent this in their work are the Spanish Salvador Dali and the Belgian artist Rene Magritte.It is known about the two artist that in their work the have been inspired by the rules of Symbolism and the abstract style of Max Ernst.
The Surrealist are known for inventing,creating the impulsivity present in all their artworks based on the psychotherapeutic procedure of “free associations” .
While Max Ernst is known for his semi abstract forms, Dali and Rene paint their fantasy dreamlike in a realistic way using their own paranoiac-critical methods .
Representative symbols of surrealism are melting watches the crutches that are present in most of Dali’s work as a representation of stability and support and many more .
Dali is known for his realistic qualities present in his art,also making him one of the most known and famous surrealist

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