A Comparison Of The Dystopian Book The Hunger Games Argument

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You have lost all hope. You feel like there is no way you are getting back up, and you wish you didn’t have to suffer anymore. Would you get up and try again or accept your fate? For Katniss in the dystopian novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, she had lost everything, but got back up every time to keep her family safe. For Tris in the dystopian novel Insurgent by Veronica Roth, she gave up entirely and wished she was dead, but in both of these stories, the authors used the mood of the reader and the protagonists’ actions to show that you shouldn’t let negative emotions control you.
First, the mood was used to show the theme. In The Hunger Games, when Katniss can’t find any food for her family and realizes her family will die, she sits down and thinks about what she wants. In the text it states, "Let them call the Peacekeepers and take us to the community home, I thought. Or better yet, let me die right here in the rain." This means that Katniss has given up trying to protect her and her family and just wishes everything could be better for them. She thinks the only way for her to be happy is if she dies. Mood is how the reader feels during a part of a text. The author uses the weather to really make the reader feel sad and scared for Katniss. The author uses this to make the reader feel how sadness can really control you. The reader gets to experience it first hand, showing that sadness can control you in bad ways. Also, in Insurgent, Tris starts to throw her life

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