Zombie Influence

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How difficult would it be for a simple idea to skyrocket from the point it became reality into something that is praised heavily for decades to come? Despite the low odds, many creations have surpassed it, but nothing has left a greater impact than George A. Romero 's horror films that massively popularized the infamous "zombie." A zombie is a person that 's been brought back from the dead and feasts off of living humans. These undead beings have made their way through the 20th century into the 21st, reappearing in countless movies, as well as having several dozen video games made around them as well as a few TV shows based off of the idea. This argument will compare two individuals who made this idea pop out, George A. Romero and Gregory Nicotero.…show more content…
This is the point where he was marked as the father of the modern zombie movie. Countless movies after this slowly came out within the next few decades, mostly directed by the man himself, from Dawn of the Dead to Zombieland. After his several horror movies surrounding the idea of the zombie, the monster became a household name appearing in many different forms of media, from books to video games. Romero even had a cameo in a Call of Duty zombies map, where he played himself as the boss for one of their maps. George A. Romero made an impact to the world with this new form of horror, which is why his death in July of last year created a shockwave of distress both within and outside of the massive community he created just 6 decades ago. One of the most touching goodbyes that was created in his honor was the TV show The Walking Dead 's season 8 premier being dedicated to the man himself which was even more powerful knowing that the premier was the tv show 's 100th episode (Greg Nicotero – Executive Producer / Director / Special FX Make-Up Designer.). Anybody that contributed their creativity to the world of the zombie could be the one to pick up George Romero 's legacy where he left off, but Greg Nicotero is possibly the one person who contributed to it the most. Nicotero was born on March 15th, 1963 and he 's a native to Pittsburgh, PA. Nicotero married, then divorced,…show more content…
Romero and Gregory Nicotero. Romero came into the movie business with the crazy movie idea, "What if man came back from the dead to attack the living?" Nicotero was able to use his skills that he learned to create the most popular zombie TV show by directing it and using practical special effects for it. Although Nicotero made it big, he wouldn 't be where he is today without the help of Romero . To really experience some of their work for yourselves, you should catch up on The Walking Dead or even watch the movie that started it all, Night of the Living
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