A Comparison Of The Mona Lisa (Mona Is Come From My Girl?

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II. This painting is a portrait of a woman. She has no action, but her eyes and smile can imply the way that she feels. We can indicate her feeling by consider the color of this picture, which is dark color, and this color tone can express a sad feeling that she try to hide with a smile on her face. There has been a lot of consideration about who the woman in the painting was and it’s thought to be Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, who is a wealthy Florentine cloth merchant (Scailliérez, n.d.). The Mona Lisa (Mona is come from “my girl”) is the most notable painting that was created by the most famous Italian artist in the Renaissance period, Leonardo da Vinci (Evans, n.d.). According to totally history website (n.d.), this work was the desire by her husband’s purpose for Leonardo while he lived in Florence, to be a present for celebration the birth of their second son and home’s completion and before Leonardo leaving, he accepted the request from Francesco, and he begun the painting in 1503 and completed in 1506. On the other hand, in March, the 2012 discovery of Louvre museum advice that Leonardo may took time for a decade later to completed the Mona Lisa because the research of Campbell (n.d.) demonstrated that in 1516 Leonardo chose to leave his native country, Italy, because Francis I, the king of France, invited him to continued his work, so he took another three years to complete the Mona Lisa and he also worked for the king, so the Louvre changed the
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