A Comparison Of The Movie The Humpback Of Notre Dame?

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Throughout history parents had a great concern for their children’s safety and their future

life throughout knowing previous skills. In 1935 a revolutionary event guided parents in this

task, it changed how parents became involved with innovated teaching techniques used to

support their child’s learning all over the world. All of this had to do with the invention of the

television. Soon after 1965 after the Second World War, a visionary man by the name of Walt

Disney whom was the creator of World Disney. Walt Disney gave kids the opportunity to learn

significant lessons inside the world of books and stories in a fascinating way. He was also able to

captivate the attention psychologists to improve this action by building messages that could get

deeper within the audience. One of his Disney movies “The Humpback of Notre Dame” didn’t

portray the relevant ideas exposed by Victor Hugo’s book. Even more, the movie introduced

certain subliminal messages to young audiences. This was done to establish ephemeral

investigation over this book and its author.

Nevertheless the main reason to do this is was to denote Victor Hugo’s work and writing

method. It revealed the differences between Disney’s movie and Victor Hugo Book’s and lastly,

it showed people about the reality of this Disney Company. It also presented how they

introduced sublime messages into their movies by changing the humanitarians values portrayed

in the stories. In first place, in order to

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