A Comparison Of The Reluctant Dragon

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When I was a child, reading dragon stories were not my favorite, but when I read The Reluctant Dragon I see it enjoyable. In the Fifty-First Dragon story, the awkward knight uses this magic word to kill the dragons “Rumplesnitz”. The Reluctant Dragon showed the reader great and helpful relationships between the boy and the dragon. The Reluctant Dragon is prompt to a children 's instead of The Fifty-First Dragon which prompt to adults. The Reluctant Dragon and The Fifty-First Dragon have few similarities same as every story has a legacy; However, they have many differences like the characters are different, the ending of each story is unlike. In the dragon’s stories, there are not many major similarities, but I think there is an important similarity such as they all have a legacy. The Reluctant Dragon was in 1941 it was a story which talks about a gentle dragon who would rather recite poetry than be ferocious. Disney Studios got visited by Humorist Robert Benchley to sell Walt on the idea of animating the story The Reluctant Dragon. At Walt Disney Studios Humorist Robert Benchley learns about the animation process while trying to find the great man himself to pitch him the idea of making a cartoon about a shy dragon. The Fifty-First Dragon was in 1954 it is a story about an unsuitable knight who could not work up with his classmates at the Killing Dragons Knight School until a professor convinces him that he can kill dragons if he uses the magic word. And so he does

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