A Comparison Of To Helen By Edgar Allan Poe

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Is beauty what makes a women loved, or can it have the opposite effect? In order to answer this question we must first learn about a women named Helen. Helen was known as the the Queen of Sparta but that all changed in an instance. The Prince of Troy had fallen in love with Helen who was already married. Helen too had fallen in love with the prince and decided to go with him back to Troy. In doing this Menelaus was angry with his former wife, Helen and asked his brother to help him get her back. When the king went to Troy he took 1,000 ships, in the end the two countries went into war. Many lives were lost in this war for the capture of Helen. In the following paragraphs you will be reading on what I think about Edgar Poe’s poem, ‘To Helen’, Hilda Doolittle’s poem, ‘To Helen’, and how each poet used literary devices. Even though both of the poems are talking about Helen thay have two very distinct points of view about her. To start let 's talk about the poem “To Helen” by Edgar Allan Poe. As the title suggests this poem is addressed to Helen, like a letter. It is quite shocking that Poe would write a love poem since he is known to write dark or death poems. He wrote this poem in memory of Jane Stith Stanard. This woman was one of Poe’s classmates mother. He was mesmerized by her, he claimed that that she was his first real love. Poe views this woman as the greatest thing to ever walk on Earth. He even describes her as ‘those Nicean barks of yore’, in other words
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