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In the first few chapters of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain, he presents Hank Morgan, who gets hit in the head with a crowbar during a quarrel. He, then, awakens in King Arthur's Court in the sixth century. Getting others to believe he is a magician like the other magician Merlin, he takes the title “The Boss.” He also becomes the right-hand man of King Arthur, all when he was originally going to be burned at the stake. While Hank Morgan works out of foolishness, modernization, and supernaturalism, the theme of the story is battling with superstitions. Firstly, at the beginning of the story, Hank Morgan comes up with an idea of fooling the people that he's a magician. He makes this decision when he first heard about…show more content…
When Hank and Sandy reach a castle, or so Sandy calls it, Hank points out that it's nothing but a pigsty. That’s when Hank says in his head, “The castle was enchanted to me, not to her.” (Twain 143) Hank is trying to say that they were pigs but Sandy saw them as ogres, because of magic and witchcraft. Supernaturalism reflects the theme of battling superstitions because the people in the story believe in supernatural elements. All things considered, supernaturalism is a part in the theme of battling superstitions in Hank Morgan's story. The theme of the novel is battling superstitions. In the story, Hank Morgan works out foolishness, when he fools the people to believe he is capable of magic. Hank also works modernize the sixth century by introducing nineteenth century inventions, which the people refuse to use. And finally, Mark Twain uses many kinds of examples of supernaturalism, along the lines of magic, witchcraft, and Devils. To conclude, the main theme of the classical, fantasy, story, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain is battling superstitions, while Hank Morgan works with foolishness, modernization, and

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