Graphic Design And Cartooning: A Career As A Graphic Designer

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Career Essay Graphic design and cartooning is a popular career option to go into for artistic talents due to the rough entry into higher artistic careers. Not only does it satisfy the need to create art but it also allows you to work with other people and the general population, which could help lead an artist higher up on the scale. There is a lot that goes with both of these careers, from meeting deadlines to satisfying the bigger corporations with the designs you make along with keeping the audience your art is directed towards interested and wanting more. Both graphic design and cartooning have very similar requirements and job descriptions, minor details separating the two different careers from one another. Graphic design is all about captivating the audience. While some graphic designers are creating works of art that are in TV shows or some other form of a film, the majority of the graphic designers are creating captivating advertisements, i.e. commercials and billboards with their design or information. Their focus is on the…show more content…
They make an average of $48,000 annually, or $23 an hour. There are ten or eleven different divisions of graphic design but the majority are in advertising, many unable to move past. The typical day for a graphic designer ranges from project to project and if they have to work overtime to complete the task within the timeline given to meet the deadline. They require a Bachelor’s degree along with abilities in computer software and analytical skills, graphic designers should be able to handle their clients correctly and respectably. There are more communication skills necessary than computer skills to talk and understand the consumer. While either hand or computer graphic design is acceptable, due to the rapid increase of technology, graphic design by hand is becoming obsolete. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, quick facts

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